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Questions to Ask your Grandparents

Your grandparents are the wise, insightful humans in your life that you may often take for granted.

Before it’s too late, it’s important to pick their brains and inquire about a life they lived long before you existed. What are you curious about? Write it down and ask them the next time you see them. Or, give them a call. Record their answers. I promise you will be thankful you did.

Need some help coming up with questions? Keep reading and feel free to use these questions or modify them for your use!

  1. Which Presidents did you go grow up with? Do you remember how the public felt about them? Your family?

  2. Did you ever get in trouble as a child? What was your punishment?

  3. How was my mom/dad growing up?

  4. Did you have a best friend? What were they like?

  5. What did you want to be when you grew up?

  6. What was your favorite thing to do for fun?

  7. What was your first job?

  8. What was your first relationship like?

  9. Did you have any pets?

  10. When did you move out?

  11. Did you like school? Favorite subject?

  12. Did you go on cool trips? Where?

  13. What are specific historical events you remember?

  14. What are you most proud of?

  15. What were your grandparents like?

  16. What was your favorite music?

  17. Did you ever win any awards? What were they?

  18. Were your parents strict or lenient?

  19. What’s your favorite thing about being a grandparent?

  20. What was your favorite age?

Now go ahead and get to chatting! Your grandparents will be delighted to hear these questions. The questions will most likely lead into bigger, more in-depth conversations.

We must remember their stories and tell them for generations to come.

Good luck!


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