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5 Great Products for Seniors!

There are plenty of commodities in our world that humans are tempted to purchase. Thanks to advertising and shockingly accurate online targeting, the products we want the most are easily accessible.

With so many products available, it is hard to recognize what you really need versus what you simply just want. For seniors, there are many must-have products, especially for those living alone.

  • Electric Jar/Can Opener: An electric jar opener may seem like a silly “must-have” but it is absolutely necessary for seniors who live alone and get weaker as they age. This can include lack of strength due to arthritis, old age, etc. Purchasing electric openers can prevent the occasional cuts and scratches that can come from cans as well.

  • Slip Resistant Shower Mat/Shower Chair: Let’s face it, getting older means becoming more prone to falls. It is not ideal, but it is reality. Purchasing a slip resistant shower mat and/or a shower chair can assist seniors in an otherwise hazardous situation. Imagine falling with nobody around to help. It is scary! We encourage taking as many precautions as possible to avoid that scenario.

  • Robot Vacuum: If one has mobility issues or is handicapped, a robot vacuum is the way to go! It prevents seniors from having to move around too much and risk hurting themselves. They are efficient and make housecleaning quick and easy.

  • Medical Alert System: We’ve all seen the commercials for Life Alert. Some may mock the acting skills, but the device itself is vital for seniors living alone. There are countless medical alert systems available. It does not have to be Life Alert; nonetheless, if you are hurt and need medical attention ASAP, this is the best route to go. It can also help instantly connect you to family and other loved ones for immediate help.

  • Large Button Telephone: Whether it is a home phone or a cell phone, large button phones are another must-have for seniors. Ultimately, our vision (among other things) worsens when we get older. Many new & improved home phone are designed keeping seniors in mind. They have large buttons, visible volume control, and options to connect to hearing aids.

Check out these products and purchase them for yourself or a senior you love & care about!


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