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About Us

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Our Mission

Golden Millennium Enterprises Assisted Living Homes have served the southeast Wisconsin market for 10 years with commitment to excellence within community-based settings. Our mission is to offer a modest, home-like, familiar living environment without any institutionalized pressure.


At an affordable scale, we maximize each residents cognitive, affective, physical, and psychomotor skills in order to help them obtain their highest possible level of functioning and independence.

Our Story

Golden Millennium Enterprises LLC has served the West Allis and Hales Corners Community for over 10 years. Vitaliy Gorelik alongside his wife Yelena took over operations back in 2012. They bring a combined 40 years of healthcare experience to the assisted living industry. The two recognize the importance of attentive, caring staff. The Gorelik’s are committed to excellence. 


As The Wizard of Oz taught us, there is no place like home.


Vitaliy arrived to America from Russia at the age of 18. He did not speak a lick of English yet enrolled in community college to learn the language as soon as he could. Later, he discovered nursing and was instantly drawn in by the idea of helping others. He learned English and evolved into a young and passionate healthcare professional. Upon graduation, Vitaliy accepted a position as a home care nurse. He saw firsthand the need for comfortable and accessible living through home visits. 


Vitaliy saw all types of conditions in his time as a home care nurse; he had clients surrounded by loving friends & family, as well as those who were dying alone. The reality of many people’s situations pushed Vitaliy to consider creating a community where residents felt cared for and safe at all times, whether they had devoted family or not. These experiences led Vitaliy to establish Golden Millennium Enterprises LLC. 


Vitaliy aimed to transform a typical assisted living experience into a comfortable home. He pledged to promote dignity, respect, and independence to every member of his community by individualizing each plan of care. 


Dorothy said it best, “…no matter how far away you roam, if you want to be happy in a million ways…you can’t beat home, sweet home.”


That is exactly what Vitaliy set out to build: a cozy place of comfort, trust, and happiness. 


Each home promises to maximize residents’ cognitive, affective, physical, and psychomotor skills in order to help them obtain their highest level of functioning and independence. The professional staff use compassion to ensure members of the community are comfortable and living to their full potential. 


After all, the Golden Millennium Enterprises LLC motto is: Thrive…Because Limitations are Only a Perception


With daily activities, home-cooked meals, any care needed, and much more – the staff are all trained to ensure an incredible quality of life for all members of the community.


Golden Millennium Enterprises LLC hopes to be your “somewhere over the rainbow.” 

Providing you with the best team for the best care.

Vitaliy Gorelik

RN. President/Executive Administrator

Yelena Gorelik

LPN. Regional Nurse Manager

Lisa Lopez

Director of Operations

Bryan Gorelik

Marketing Manager/Human Resources Specialist

Jennifer Payne

Global Manager

Amanda Nicholson

Lead Resident Assistant

Sharon Quiles-Figuero

Lead Resident Assistant

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