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July – Social Wellness Month

The month of July is National Social Wellness Month.

The University of California-Davis defines social wellness as, *”…building healthy, nurturing and supportive relationships as well as fostering a genuine connection with those around you.”

Group homes and independent living’s enhance individual resident’s social wellness depending on their needs and wants. The facilities offer a space to eat meals, participate in activities, and mingle with other residents living in the home.

If someone does not want to participate in an activity or chat with others, they are listened to and given space. Everyone has their own needs.

There are many ways to cultivate social wellness. It begins with not only self-care, but also maintaining positive relationships with others. In addition, it is valuing diversity, engaging in the community, being ones best self, etc.*

Health and medicine writer, Judith Horstman, says there are health benefits to social wellness. Having strong friendships and social interactions can add years to your life. Studies have also shown that, “spending time with friends lowers your blood pressure and reduces inflammation in your body…which in turn can decrease the probability of stroke or other brain damage.”* Social isolation and loneliness also have links to higher rates of memory decline. A 6-year study showed that, “patients with the highest amount of social interaction also had the slowest rate of memory decline.”*

Social wellness is all about nurturing yourself, your community, and building relationships. It is part of the recipe for living well and happy.

At Golden Millennium LLC, social wellness is a priority. We transport residents to adult day cares, lead activities throughout the day, and ensure residents and staff coexist comfortably.






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