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How to Find the Best Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved One!

1. Tour!

  1. It is so important to tour each facility you consider. Do not judge a book by its cover, or by the website. By showing up, you not only get a feel for the place – but you get a better understanding of the culture. Do residents hang out in the living space a lot? Is it fancy or more casual? Are residents mostly keeping to themselves? This gives you the opportunity to see if you or your loved one will fit in well.

2. Ask!

  1. Think of any and all questions you have, and ask them. What kind of activities does the home have? What kind of meals are offered? How many staffers are on the floor at all times? What are the house rules? Is the home accessible? What do services include? These are all important things to know, and can help in your decision making process. Brainstorm your questions before asking. Good group home providers are always happy to answer your questions and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

3. Cost!

  1. Figure out what you can afford. This will be a main determining factor of what facility to choose. Do you or your loved one have or qualify for the Medicaid Waiver Program? This is a provision within the Medicaid law that assists with the cost of supportive services associated with community based residential facility services by contracting with the managed care organizations. If so, you will most likely have different options of homes than someone who doesn’t qualify. Does the facility you prefer take Medicaid? Do you want a private or shared room? These are other questions that are important to ask when finding your perfect fit.

4. Size!

  1. There are tons of different assisted living homes. Some fit hundreds of residents while others are designed for a more intimate experience – hitting capacity at 20 or less residents. There are pros and cons to both larger and smaller facilities. Larger facilities tend to have grander amenities and more specialized units while smaller facilities may have less “grand” amenities, but more one-on-one care. Costs will also vary. It is important to do your research before considering a smaller or bigger assisted living.

5. Location!

  1. Location is so important! It is common to prefer a spot close to home. Everyone has different preferences, though. Do you or your loved one prefer a home in a quaint community blending in with all the other homes in the neighborhood? Do you prefer a spot in the city? Maybe even a different state? There are options all over. Assisted living communities are homes. Just how you decided where you want to live in your current home/apartment, is also how you should pick an assisted living community.

We understand picking an assisted living community is no easy decision. Here at Golden Millennium Enterprises LLC, we walk you through the whole process. We want to ensure it is as seamless as possible. We will care for you and/or your loved one every step of the way.

Do not hesitate to reach out with questions about any part of this process. We will gladly give you a tour by request and show you why picking one of our three facilities is a positive step for your future. We hope to see you soon!

-The Golden Millennium Enterprises LLC Team

“Thrive…because limitations are only a perception.”


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