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Connecting Family with Residents during COVID-19

At Golden Millennium LLC, we take the global pandemic incredibly seriously. We follow the CDC guidelines accordingly to ensure every resident is safe and healthy.

As a necessary precaution, all our facilities shut down during the core of the pandemic; we did not allow any visitors. With that being said, we also understand the difficulties of not being able to see family.

Many residents were upset and confused; our skilled staff was able to explain the unprecedented circumstances to the best of their ability.

We worked hard and fast to set up virtual meetings with residents and their loved ones via Zoom. These calls allowed for meaningful connections to continue and flourish. In addition, we permitted window visits. Recently, we opened our outdoor lawns to socially distant meetings with masks on.

As a team, we are working diligently to update each family on their loved ones status when it comes to doctor visits, changes in health, etc. We also aim to be extremely transparent about any and all COVID-19 updates from CDC.

We will get through this together. Of course we wish restrictions were not necessary. For now, we must work in collaboration. Let us know a unique way you’d like to interact with your loved one and we can work on making it happen.

Recently, a family decorated the front porch of one of our facilities for a resident’s birthday. We wholeheartedly support this kind of thoughtful, socially distant celebration. If you want to drop off a package, we will deliver it straight to your loved one. Do you want to write a hand-written letter? We know old-fashioned snail mail always puts a smile on people’s faces.

Let us know your innovative ideas to keep in touch with loved ones during COVID-19!


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